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Two Mann U


Eight years in the making, Two Mann U is a no bullsh*t, semester-long mentorship that pulls back the veil on everything – and we mean everything.

An uncompromised piece of educational art, Two Mann U is a master key for unlocking powerful new ways to see and photograph the world. It’s the ultimate realization of a relentless quest to help photographers make better, more meaningful work.

What can I say about the Two Mann workshop?

Frickin’ unreal

is all I can say. Out of this world, incomprehensible, amazing.

Sher-Ali Perwaz

Seriously the best workshop I’ve ever been a part of.

I’m forever changed.

Jason Henington

Here’s the


We don’t pretend we’ve got it all figured out. We struggle. We make sh*tty work. We f*ck up — often and spectacularly! 

Two Mann U is a real, honest exploration of the struggles we all share — especially now  — and everything we can do to make the best work possible.

We’re Erika and Lanny from Two Mann Studios


We have to toot our own horn now, which is super embarrassing.

Two of the best wedding
photographers in the world

Sought-after for weddings around the globe

“International Wedding Photographers of the Year”

152 lifetime Fearless Awards

Trusted photographers’ photographer 😬

“Fearless Photographer of the Year,” twice in a row

Shit-tonne of other international awards

Two of the highest regarded
photography educators in the world

Hundreds of sold out workshops across 6 continents

One in 4 of the “Top 100 Fearless Photographers in the World” are Two Mann graduates

Hundreds of industry-leading alumni in 48 countries

6 sold out workshops, on 6 continents, in 6 minutes

Two of the luckiest humans

Living creative and financial dreams

Seeing the world with 2 little kids/sh*ts


How did we go from heck no to

hell yeah

Better work

We figured out how to push our photography to the highest levels possible.


We figured out how to teach what we do (not easy). Then we poured our hearts and souls into creating the best damn photography training program possible.

The Two Mann workshop gave me a new meaning to the art of photography and the tools I need for a lifelong journey.

There really are no words.

It made me fall in love with photography all over again.

Farhad Khan

I have been a professional photographer for 10 years and the amount of information I learned in this course was mind-blowing. Erika and Lanny are incredible photographers, but more than that they are amazing educators. The way they teach, the vocabulary they use… it’s next-level. It was the best decision I’ve made for self improvement of my business in years.

Dann Wunderfurn

Making the decision to enrol for your workshop was the best decision ever. You ignited some inexplicable spark and completely changed the way we look at things.

You changed our lives.

Sam & Ekta

Mann U

Our magnum opus

After honing our teaching skills at hundreds of workshops across the globe, we’ve ultimately figured out how to meaningfully transform photographers’ art, craft, and careers.

Eight obsessive years in the making

This is the ultimate culmination of blood, sweat, tears, and lessons learned. We’re finally ready to share this labour of love with a select group of photographers who are ready for the next-level.

This is the greatest educational experience we’ve created. It’s the switch-flicker we needed in the beginning. It’s the reigniter we’ve needed ever since. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.


is Two Mann U?

Two Mann U is a no-holds-barred, semester-long mentorship for photographers aspiring to push their art, craft, and business to new heights.

A quest to transform you into a more powerful photographer, Two Mann U goes beyond the surface of shooting weddings, into the elusive places where art and creativity are born. It’s a big honest window into Erika and Lanny’s minds, hearts, and cameras.

It’s everything we’ve got.


Two Mann U?

Because becoming a better photographer requires something much bigger than simply learning how to use your equipment.

Because learning to see the way you see, is more nuanced than meets the eye. It’s learnable. It’s teachable. It’s where the magic is.

Because that’s where Erika and Lanny thrive – helping photographers discover and master the unique ways they see and photograph the world.

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you get